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Electrical heating

 Floor heating. Electrical for 120V to 240V. Aplication under Lminate, Paquet, Stapled (!) and glued Hardwood and also under Tiled or Carpet floor.
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Electric Floor Heating Mat Flat Wire System
Please choose your UNITS SIZES BEFORE ORDER and double check the VOLTAGE 110V or 220V. Remember, you can also combine more then 2 pieces of different size for 1 Thermostat using same voltage. You can choose your Thermostat on this page as well.
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Carbon Radiant Floor Heating Film Electrical
This Heating Film is only 1mm thin. Application under Laminate, Carpet,...
Thermostat LX Programmable 088L5132
Thermostat LX Programmable with Air Sensor (and floor temperature limiter)...
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Thermostat LX Programmable 088L51320
088L5130DescriptionLX Programmable Thermostat with Floor SensorTemperature
Thermostat LX Programmable 088L5133
088L5133 DescriptionLX Non-Programmable Thermostat with Floor SensorTemperature
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