Electric Floor Heating Film System based on Carbon Element under Carpet and Laminated Surfaces
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Carbon Radiant Floor Heating Film Electrical

This Heating Film is only 1mm thin. Application under Laminate, Carpet, Nailed Hardwood. Takes 8W to 11W per SQF (86W-118W per 1m2) only ! You also need a Thermostat, you can choose one on this page also :)
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Carbon Radiant Floor Heating Film Electrical
Installation guide is provided within the package.

Superior heating performance
  • Even heat distribution - Due to the wide surface area coverage by actual heating elements (around 60%)
  • Direct contact of the Heating Film with the floor enables the floor surface to heat much faster.
Super-easy installation
  • Supplied in rolls of 20" and 40" wide up to 330' long that can be cut easily to any size
  • All connection kits and underpadding for laminates and engineered hardwood are supplied with the system
  • Pre-assembled units available (cut to standard lengths, connected and covered)
  • Ultra-thin profile - Ensures floor surfaces remain smooth
  • No work delays - Flooring can be installed immediately after Roll 'n' Warm installation
Total safety
  • Negligible electromagnetic field - Just 2.1% of established permissible value
  • Child-proof
Highly cost effective
  • Low capital cost
  • Low temperature operation (25-35 °C fully adjustable) minimizes electricity consumption - up to 20% savings
Compared to other solutions
  • Supports most programmable thermostats for optimal cost effectiveness
  • Each room is controlled individually - Large area can be divided into zones with extra thermostat
  • No need for transformers. Enhanced comfort and health
  • Even distribution of heat - Prevents hot and cold spots, no heating stains on the floor after prolonged use
  • Heat gradient control - Dual thermostat system maintains constant, comfortable difference between floor and room temperatures
  • Reduces circulation of airborne dust and contaminants (Radiant heat does not depend on moving large volumes of air)
Installer support kit and training
  • Assures rapid project planning and efficient installation